For those that have followed The Evelyn Company for a while, you will know that I do not like to waste fabric.  There will be a scrap buster project somewhere that I can utilize.  I use a lot of knit fabric to make clothes and needed a way to use up the scraps.  Then came 2020 and the long period where no one could get a haircut.  This is when I decided to start trying out a knit headband pattern.  My daughters and I have loved them!!  They prefer the skinny bands, while I prefer the bandana-style.  They are great; you can wear the knot at the top, side, back, and the knit fabric allows for enough stretch that it's not riding up the back of your head.  Am I the only one with that problem?  They have been rather popular lately, and now I am including them in outfits for kids.  Check out the Favorite Summer Outfit, to see what I mean.  

The ones pictured are for teens-adults.  However, I do make them for infants, toddlers, and young kids.  Feel free to message me about a cutom order!

Wear-It-Your-Way Headband

  • Wash and dry normally.  I recommend washing after each day of wear, to get the shape back.

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