During one of my pregnancies (they all blend together after a while) I was gifted a stroller blanket from a fellow crochet enthusiast.  It was the PERFECT size blanket!  That blanket went everywhere with us.  We used it in the stroller, car seat, swing, baby carrier, etc.  It is still used today!  My toddlers use it as a lap blanket, or for their animals/baby dolls.  They are small enough to take with you on the go, yet large enough to do the job.  A stoller blanket is roughly between 22-30 inches on each side.   The variations are based on the types of stitches used.  

They are safe for both washer and dryer.  They can also be customized to fit nursery themes/colors.  If you have a specific color in mind, send me a message!  Blankets take between 2-4 weeks to make.   

Stroller Blanket

  • Machine wash warm.  Tumble dry medium.

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