What a Week!

It has been a full week now, since I launched my website. I'm still working on adding my products, making new products, and running a household per normal. It's been a bit kooky around here. School started back this week, and while most people are rejoicing over their kids being back, I am not (well, not fully). Only one of my kids is in school so far. She was the entertainment that I needed during the day to work. Now, we have a new dynamic around the house. It has definitely been an adjustment! I at least accomplished making one new item this week. Plus, put a lot of work into a custom order. I'm really trying to finish up a stack of baby gowns, that I have cut. Just need to get them on the machine (fingers crossed). After those are finished I will be moving on to Autumn fashion for school age!

Some may think that I have a lot on my plate right now. It's probably true haha, but I have big plans for my business. I would love for it to grow enough that when my youngest goes off to school, I will have a career to dive into. Make sure to keep up with my blog, I will make updates on what's going on, and where/when I will be for events.

Upcoming events for September:

9/14: Aviator Brewing Company from 2-7p

9/28: Beauty Bootcamp from 2-5p (location TBD)

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