How to Build a Business at Home...with kids

There are so many different blogs, books, posts on social media about how to create your very own business from home. Trust me, I have read them all, and they are all informative but they really do not fully fit my household.

I am going to share with you how I have built (and still building) my business. I am not going to ask for money, or tell you to buy anything. Not going to direct you to other sites, courses, etc. This is honest information that has helped me. While it may not help each new business in full, there will at least be pieces that do.

Let's start with a schedule; that was my greatest downfall starting out. I wanted to sew, crochet, or work on my social media pages. The problem is that I could do that all day long.

The house would be a disaster, the kids would be full of pent-up energy; and we all know how bad that is. Or I would do the opposite, and make sure that the house was sparkling, and the kids felt like they had a #pinterestmom

Let's just be practical here, and say that neither combination works out well. To remedy this, we now have a #commandcenter and a routine, that everyone in the house helps with...yes, even my husband. The command center is super easy, and cheap to put together. I think that I spend more money on dry erase markers than anything else.

Our command center!

This is our command center, in all it's glory. The point of this area in our house is to keep everyone organized and (most importantly) to keep up with all five schedules. I bought majority of the items at the #dollartree and it's lasted for over a year. The 8x10 frame houses our monthly calendar. This helps us to see what days are available to schedule doctor appointments, meetings, play dates, whatever we need. The small 4x6 frames each have a day of the week. If I wanted to be extra fancy I could have put some fun paper in each frame. Instead, I stayed cheap and flipped the fake picture around (ya know, the one that comes in the frame). I wrote the days of the week and drew the monthly calendar grid in sharpie. That will save you a lot of time. Everything else is in expo marker. Each family member has their own color. That way I do not have to write names as well, just look at what color each activity is written in and you're good to go. This saves a lot of time and effort for busy families. The green/blue baskets hold markers, sports schedules, school calendars, folders that need signing, etc. I recently added the addition of the hooks for book bags. I had been looking for cabinet hardware to hang up for the bags, but found this beauty on clearance at Big Lots #score. The smaller hooks are for keys; obviously my husband is already at work or there would be keys there. The wall stickers are also from the Dollar tree, and they are just for color. Same hing with the small canvas. Dollar Tree has really stepped up their game over the last few years.

Now that we have our command center established, let's actually use it. What do I do to make time for everything? Managing a business, house, kids, marriage; not in that order...all the time :D My family has standing appointments every week; we actually have something going on every day except for Thursday's. Sounds very busy I know, but we manage it. On Monday's I do laundry, sometimes my husband will start it on Sunday's so Monday's are mostly for folding everything. Tuesday's is when I clean house. My son has therapy appointments throughout the day at home, so while he is working with them, I work on cleaning the house along with my preschooler.

Wednesday's I have an appointment; before we leave, the kids and I play outside or do something together depending on the weather. Afterwards, we run errands if needed, because we are already out and about, the kids typically fall asleep on the way home, so I get to work in my office. During the school year, #carpool is my time to crochet. My little ones are buckled up and cannot run around like wild children (because they are) so I get to relax and create.


Wednesday evenings are also my "me time" nights. My husband and I have set this up so that I can get away, or work uninterrupted, or go to my monthly Bunko night. Last Wednesday, I took a bubble bath. It was nothing fancy, but it was exactly what I needed. Thursday's are working days. My kids play in their play room, or in my office (they have a box of scrap fabric and yarn) while I work. We stay upstairs majority of the day. During nap time, my preschooler and I may watch a movie while I crochet, or we may have a tea party. Majority of the day though, I am working. Friday's are when groceries are delivered/picked-up depending on what is needed. During this time of year, my husband wont be home until after bedtime, so we do camp outs in the living room.

This brings up a very crucial part of our daily schedules. Each night before bed my kids have to clean up their toys, dirty clothes, trash, and anything else that has scattered the floors throughout the day. Floors are swept after each meal, and I wipe counters down every night before bed. Is my house spotless? No!! Do we get behind on basics like dishes and laundry? Yes! But having a routine helps us to remember that everyone has to help, and that I can run a business and be a great stay-at-home-mom.

Just to recap, if you stayed this long, is that the start of a great business (from home) is to get a routine down pat so that no one/thing is left behind.

Thanks for reading!


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